IF Incident map

Working hand in hand with our most innovative client Intelligence Fusion, the Ambix team have developed a new feature for real-time reporting and trend analysis. The Incident feature is a lightweight, location driven tool, allowing users to instantly upload data which will benefit their community.

Intelligence Fusion have recorded almost 8,000 incidents in Iraq, Syria and parts of Africa and Latin America since launching their Ambix in September 2015, and now have improved reporting and analytical tools at their fingertips. The heatmap of reported incidents, above, shows the sheer volume of data that Intelligence Fusion are crowdsourcing through their Ambix platform. With the tools to drill down through the data, they can draw fast and accurate insights which give their users the information they need for timely decision making.

Closer to home, Ambix Incidents allows users to report and map anything from thefts and hazards, to sightings of rare wildlife. By defining your own incident types to suit the activity of your community, you can build up an invaluable real-time picture of community activity, or have fast access to reports of incidents and hazards that need your immediate attention. Here are some ideas from our network:

  • If your community is built around wildlife support and preservation, or birdwatching, you may want to tell other users quickly when a rare sighting occurs, or a regular visitor returns to your locality.
  • If you’re supporting a local community and need to know where there are issues to deal with, the you may want your eyes and ears on the ground to report in real-time for a fast response.
  • If you’re tracking trends in less salubrious activity, Incidents can give you an overview of threats across a wide geographical area.

Check out this short video demonstration to see how you can use Ambix incidents for the nicer things in life!

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