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What is SaaS and how can it benefit me?

Often synonymous with Cloud computing, SaaS (Software as a Service) is an emerging trend with online service providers looking to avoid complicated license agreements and up-front costs with providers generally setting a monthly / annual subscription fee based upon usage … Read More

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Starting a design project on the right foot

Unlike a technical endeavour, there is no right or wrong answer to a design brief. Bringing pen to paper is overwhelming, with a multitude of paths to follow. Do I follow the current design culture? Do I avoid the current … Read More

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Starting Scrum as a Small Team

When I first came across scrum, I was a second-year at university. While the introduction I got was pretty brief, I could see some of the benefits and thought it to be interesting enough to pursue it more for use … Read More

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Aerial view of the Olympic Park shot looking south west towards London. Picture taken on 16th April 2012 by Anthony Charlton.

Community as a project legacy

With London 2012 still fresh in our memories, it’s good to see the spectacular venues being used to host athletics, Rugby World Cup matches, swimming championships, local sports clubs, Premiership football, and world class events.  This is the project legacy that was … Read More

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