Collaboration Features

Build a mature community with peer to peer collaboration and support

Network around events

Events are a natural way to engage members and build a community.

Collaborate in groups

Members cluster and collaborate around interests, specialisms, or regions

Vote on a consensus

Run a simple poll or resolve complex dilemmas in Consensus


Divide your groups by interest, location, expertise, sector, or any demographic that fits your organisation. Ambix allows you to customise the group structure and build sustainable knowledge bases.

  • Bring your users closer using relevant groups.
  • Free-form Pinboard for uploaded documents, images or videos.
  • Discussions within each group.
  • Public or private societies to protect confidentiality.


Allow attendees to network before and after the event, and access pre- and post-event materials such as exhibitor lists, powerpoint presentations, or photos and videos from the day.

  • Manage invitations, acceptances and attendee lists
  • Pinboard for materials, agenda and information
  • Social media feeds for latest news


Crowdsource opinion from across Ambix, and put topics to the vote. Whether you want simply to survey your members, or reach a clear consensus on an incident or a hot topic for reporting and case studies, Consensus is your ideal tool.

  • Gather contributions from across Ambix
  • Up and down vote content for relevance
  • Mapping tools to pinpoint multiple locations
  • Simple voting system