Communicate effectively online

Help your members to form a mature, networked community with effective communication tools


See all the latest activity on Ambix as soon as you log in


Open discussion forum to help new users find their feet in the community


Members can communicate privately within Ambix


Research shows that 67% of new members in an online community test the water by posting in the open forum. Discuss is a vital tool, the first port of call for users.

  • Simple interface to start or continue a discussion.
  • Contributors clearly identified.
  • Participants in a discussion notified of new posts on the thread.
  • Flexible hierarchy of topics.


The Hub is the landing page and news feed. It gives members an instant digest of their network’s latest activities throughout Ambix, along with your organisation’s notices, events, social media, and even advertising.

  • Clear, intuitive tiled design engages members from their first visit.
  • Responsive, touch-friendly interface throughout Ambix.
  • Users can set notification preferences.


Members of your Ambix may not be linked in the real world, so messaging is an essential tool as you build the community.

  • One-to-one or one-to-few messaging.
  • Spam controls.
  • Simple formatting tools.
  • Notifications to the user’s real-world mail client.