Control and Media tools

Manage your users and access fast analytics

Manage media

Every user has a personal media library to embed rich media across Ambix

Analyse activity

From simple dashboards to custom KPIs, Ambix can evidence collaboration

Manage users

Standard user management tools with Ambix can be complemented by CRM integrations. Ask us for more details.


Ambix has a personal media library for users. It’s a repository for documents and images on Ambix – every file uploaded goes through our strict filters before being stored on our servers. Rich media brings Ambix to life, engaging and retaining your members.

  • Structure and organise media in folders
  • Secure upload and storage for files
  • Embed video content into pinboards
  • Distribute documents easily


Stay in control of your community

  • Simple snapshot dashboard for a quick engagement overview
  • User management tools
  • Ask us about custom KPI development