Community Management

Building engagement, building business

Is your community ready to fly?

A successful online community takes more than an excellent tool like Ambix. We can help you to define your community strategy, and manage your members.

Enhance outbound marketing with engagement

Your mailing list is not a community! However – would your conversion be better if your contacts had a reason to interact with eachother?

Support members by encouraging collaboration

Managing professionals and maintaining standards in an institute? The key line of communication is straight from the powers-that-be to the members. Would your retention be better if your members could collaborate, support and learn from eachother?

Harness the power of your network

Research shows that it’s easier to leverage meaningful engagement from an involved community – in any field. (Read our alumni engagement case study.)

Maintain standards and brand values

Giving franchisees access to peer-to-peer support could help you to set cultural norms and improve franchise development and retention.

Community Management FAQs

Best practice and strategy for effective, engaged communities.

Is there any published research about community management?

Yes! The Community Roundtable publishes the annual State of Community Management report. This can help you to understand how communities mature and perform, and how to make the most of your resources.

If I set up an Ambix, won't my users just start collaborating?

If you build it, people will not come! It’s important to understand your objectives in having a community, and your members’ motivation for signing on and engaging. When the two coincide, you have the potential for a great community, but be prepared to manage it.

Why do I need a discussion forum? Isn't it risky?

According to research, 67% of people joining an online community prefer to engage in a forum before making closer direct relationships. Discussion is an essential part of building that network. Set boundaries for users and be ready to manage any negatives properly, without over-reacting.

Will my community always run smoothly?

It’s important to have a plan for crisis management, even if you never have to put it into practise. Even though the members of your Ambix are selected through their membership of your group, there can still be people who like to rock the boat – or simply don’t think when they post a comment. Be reactive but not reactionary; fostering a positive group culture will help you immensely.

How much does it cost?

We charge a standard daily rate for consultancy, training and strategy development. Typically this is £450/day or £250/half day plus expenses for on-site or virtual attendance. Initial strategy development consultancy can be completed within 5 days in a typical scenario.

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