IF Incident map

Ambix Incidents: realtime reporting for your community

Working hand in hand with our most innovative client Intelligence Fusion, the Ambix team have developed a new feature for real-time reporting and trend analysis. The Incident feature is a lightweight, location driven tool, allowing users to instantly upload data which … Read More

Ambix Alchemy

Ambix: alchemy in your community

WHY AMBIX? An Ambix was a tool in the ancient art of alchemy, essential to successful distillation. In a noisy world of Chattering (Hip or otherwise), Yammering, Jiving, Huddling, and Jostling, we look beyond the simple mechanics of interaction. We focus on … Read More

Supporting hands

Support your volunteers, or face the consequences

A ruling this week by the UK’s Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) has highlighted the importance to charities of supporting volunteers. The Alzheimers’ Society was taken to task for repeated failures in handling sensitive personal data, and could face prosecution. This … Read More

Aerial view of the Olympic Park shot looking south west towards London. Picture taken on 16th April 2012 by Anthony Charlton.

Community as a project legacy

With London 2012 still fresh in our memories, it’s good to see the spectacular venues being used to host athletics, Rugby World Cup matches, swimming championships, local sports clubs, Premiership football, and world class events.  This is the project legacy that was … Read More


Storming: Managing a community crisis

We come across the same concern again and again from organisations: will investment in online communities take us out of our control comfort zone. It often comes up when we are discussing the Ambix system and how this powerful intranet … Read More


The Goldilocks Intranet | Ambix for Non-Profits

Are you struggling to find the right balance of online networking for your non-profit? As the world moves inexorably towards Digital by Default, there’s a good infrastructure of digital tools for most applications, but a dearth of options for business … Read More

Graduation Hat

Why Alumni matter: the challenge of engagement

Every year, hundreds of thousands of learners pass through hallowed halls of learning, from schools to colleges, from vocational training to university, from postgraduate research to professional qualifications. The organisations who provide this training have a valuable resource in their … Read More