Ambix Alchemy

Ambix: alchemy in your community

WHY AMBIX? An Ambix was a tool in the ancient art of alchemy, essential to successful distillation. In a noisy world of Chattering (Hip or otherwise), Yammering, Jiving, Huddling, and Jostling, we look beyond the simple mechanics of interaction. We focus on … Read More

Supporting hands

Support your volunteers, or face the consequences

A ruling this week by the UK’s Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) has highlighted the importance to charities of supporting volunteers. The Alzheimers’ Society was taken to task for repeated failures in handling sensitive personal data, and could face prosecution. This … Read More


Ubiquitous language: don’t speak geek!

What is Ubiquitous Language? Ubiquitous Language (UL) is something that can make or break your project. When developing a piece of software, the goal is invariably to solve some form of real-world problem. Chances are, that this will be a … Read More