Ambix for Volunteers

Helping charities to engage, manage and retain their skilled volunteers

Invest in your volunteers with an Ambix community

Invest in Volunteers

An Ambix community – a volunteer portal – demonstrates your commitment and support.

Engage all your helpers

Ambix is simple, intuitive, and private, so that even the least tech-savvy and most cautious can use it.

Use resources wisely

Managing a large networked community uses fewer resources than one-to-one communication.

FAQs: Volunteer Communities

How does Ambix help me to retain volunteers?

By building a private community, you give volunteers a source of confidential support and a sense of being valued. Building loyalty improves retention and reduces recruitment and training costs.

Can I keep charity information confidential?

Ambix is a standalone system, hosted online. It’s not connected to your corporate intranet, so your own data is secure, and it’s not linked to social media accounts either.

How fast can I get an Ambix?

You can set up a trial Ambix within minutes. For large groups, we will work with you to plan the community launch and develop the appropriate strategies for building engagement with your volunteers.

Will Ambix help towards Investing in Volunteers accreditation?

Yes. Launching an Ambix community can help you fulfill many of the key requirements of the IiV standard. You can read the full requirements here, or visit the Investing in Volunteers website.